I am regularly amused by the fact that Gen X is well into our middle age.  I don't know if I had a solid idea, when I was a kid, what middle age would look like.  I hoped it would look like my life looks right now, but there was part of my brain even then that said "you have to grow up and calm down."  Fortunately I got over that in my 20s.  

I grew up.  I didn't calm down.  I'm still an unabashed geek.  Thirty years later, I'm still playing with computers to make them do things.  I have the blue hair that I wanted when I was in middle school.  I still like swing and punk, and I still think most of what's on the radio is not worth my time.  I got over my TV phase, fortunately, and got over my "All TV is Evil" phase.  

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose, non?

Mostly I talk about crafts, architecture, and food.  I did a turn in culinary school, and an internship in a test kitchen, and I learned some things.  I also tend to share pictures of houses and color palettes and anything else that makes me smile, because the world needs more color.  Heaven knows I'm doing my part.