Fall Prep in Summer Heat

It's 95 degrees as I write this.  It's September and the heat is still oppressive.  We did get a break from the heat with a good storm (hello, Hermine) this past week.

I'm still trying to get myself organized and my house properly furnished.  I have some decorations up, though, and enough furniture to have a couple friends come by if we choose.  So that's a start. 

It's weird to be thinking about fall coming again already, but here we are.  I'm hoping to be more productive as the weather is cooling off.  Apparently I'm only heat tolerant if the heat is dry; I think I slept half the summer.  

I am also hunting for a car and saving my pennies.  My Crown Vic gave up the fight at the beginning of summer.  The good side is I've been walking more.  The bad side is that this is not a car-free town for all things.

We are having a cooking competition later this week at work.  I initially thought I'd do Paella Valenciana (because I happen to have a rabbit in the freezer) but then I thought about getting Paella anywhere on the bus, and well.  Right, plan B?  Still thinking about it but I'll share whatever I make.

Hope you are doing well and having a great summer.