Doing it Wrong

Nope.  You're doing it exactly right for you. 

I get so frustrated with the divisiveness and weird, controlling behavior that seems so prevalent these days.  There's so much "Us Vs. Them" over issues that hardly seem to matter, as well as on the Big Issues.  

There are more than seven billion-with-a-b people on this planet.  We are always going to be a diverse bunch, and there will always be people with diametrically opposed viewpoints.  I guarantee that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people right now who believe the exact opposite of everything you believe.  Me too!  Frankly, most of the time it doesn't matter.  Green is my favorite color today; maybe you hate green, but it doesn't mean we can't be fast friends!  Or if looking at my green hair makes you ill, we can still agree to be civil to each other, yes?  It just seems so silly to take up proverbial arms over things as minor as this.  Can we stop doing that?  I'm doing my best not to do that anymore, and if you would also like to join me, I think that would be fantastic. (If not, well, that's totally your choice, just don't mind me if I go somewhere else while you do it.)

So here is my winter-holiday-of-choice present to you, People of The Internets:

You are awesome.  Everything you do is an expression of your unique place in this crazy Universe.  I celebrate your weirdness, your quirk, your distinct way of being in a world that doesn't make sense to most of us, most of the time.  I wish you joy, above all else, for the holidays and the rest of the year.