I love living in Southern California.  I'm not a huge fan of snow or damp, so the warm, dry, Mediterranean climate here suits me beautifully.

But the holiday season felt weird for the first several years I was here.  I went caroling with a friend's church, but it felt weird caroling in shorts and sandals.  I decided then, that I would create my own holiday traditions and just run with what felt right to me.

I was really happy when I discovered Boogie Woogie Christmas.  It was partly because I adore Brian Setzer and his music inspires joy in me, and it was partly because it's holiday music done with a nontraditional twist.   Perfect for my holiday tradition!  

So.  It's not officially the holiday season at Casa Felicidad until I hear this song, and sometimes that happens Thanksgiving day (never before!) and sometimes it happens a week or two into December, like this year.  I'm going to miss the Extravaganza! this year, but maybe next year I'll see it for the fifth time.  It really never gets old for me.

Happy holidays!