I describe this website as my bungalow in cyberspace.  My dream house is a pretty little Craftsman house with hardwood floors, a deep and accommodating front porch, and an herb garden out back.  I am in love with the aesthetic of it - compact, comfortable, utilitarian, beautiful, well-crafted, not too formal.  I'm pretty sure if I ever manage to buy a house - and I would love to buy a house, some day - it will be a bungalow or a cottage.  Potato, po-tah-to, I suppose.

Here are a few I particularly like:

This front porch is absolutely swoonworthy.  Also, check out the drought-friendly landscaping that still manages to be gorgeous.

It's not quite as green as the one above, but it's still green.  I really like the porch dormer window and the half-timber detail on the front.  I have no idea if the bay window is period-appropriate, and I don't honestly care.  If I can't have an inglenook, I want a bay window to read in.  *nod*

Hello yellow!  


And I think the shape of this one is perfection.